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I was so looking forward to it, had heard so much about it, hopped on Bus 1A at the Viru Centre and set off for Noa, a good 10 km from Tallinn centre right on the shoreline. The boys and I were upbeat and positive. This was going to be something special.

Rekku and I
Yours truly and Rekku toasting the night.

And it was. A lovely milieu in an even lovelier setting overlooking the bay and the lights of the city. The drinks are served with a care and a smile My coupe of Deutz is a delight and the price is reasonable at €11. I’m not hungry enough for a starter but my companions dig in to cabbage with nuts, garlic and sesame sauce and potato-herring mix with tiramisu cream. The cabbage turns out to be the best choice with plenty of crunch and flavouring to awaken your appetite. The herring, although beautiful on a wooden platter, is salty, fishy (yeah, yeah I know it’s fish!) and misses the actual flavour of the fish.

Cabbage starter
Cabbage with cucumber, nuts, algae, garlic and sesame sauce

The Pinot Noir from Maison Louis Jadot, Burgundy, is however perfect for the fish and with its peppery notes works well with my main, Black Piglet with fermented cucumber. Unfortunately the piglet has seen the inside of the stove for too long and turns out to be dry, lacking taste. Rekku’s prawns in chilli sauce are floury and not firm enough to be counted as fresh and my son’s fried white fish is ok, nothing more.

Herring-potato starter

Go for the setting and service but don’t count on the food.

Ambience: Buzzy, relaxed, smiley

Food: Modern Estonian

Prices: Reasonable, perhaps slightly upmarket for Tallinn

Service: Professional, caring

Wines: Small wine list but well chosen

Drinks: Noa beer is hoppy and comes highly recommended


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