Colour, Line and Square – Erling Neby Art Collection

Kunsthalle: 14 March 2015 – 12 April 2015

Let’s pretend you were a Hi Fi specialist and businessman on a trip to Paris and to while away some hours, you slip into an art gallery. Something magical happens while you’re in there, some light goes on in the deep recesses of your psyche and you ‘get it’ for the first time. You buy a piece or two, hang it on a wall at home, light up a cigarette and start gazing at it intently, uncovering and analysing every detail of the shapes you see before you. This leads you to another and another and yet another that holds your attention and pleases you without diminishing in interest as the years go on. There is no particular plan behind your acquisitions, only feelings and fascination.

Erling Neby
Hi Fi connoisseur and businessman Erling Neby

This is the story of Erling Neby who found himself in Galerie Denise René in Paris in the 1970’s. The revelation that occurred there has blossomed into a collection of concrete art rivalling the most important in the world in his collection of some 2000 to 2500 works.

Abstract art
Lars Gunnar Nordström’s Triple Formation

Colour, Line and Square comprise the paintings and sculptures of artists spanning genres from op art to geometric abstraction. I especially liked Peinture avec des billes bleus by Romanian artist and sculpture Damian Horia. Look at it from a distance and it looks like a sculpture, come closer and the intricate painting simply stuns you with its detail and fine nuances. The Finn Matti Kujasalo does something similar with his black and white Sommitelma palying tricks with your eyes. Lars Gunnar Nordström’s Triple Formation stands tall in a space of its own and draws you in to examine it for its carefully composed juxtaposition of shapes in blue, black and cream.

Sculpture painting
Damian Horia’s Peinture avec des billes bleues

Erling Neby seems undeterred by trends, famous names or genres. He knows what he likes and that sets him apart from the investor who has a sense of taste but is hungrier for the increased revenue that might line his pockets in time to come. Erling Neby has sold 5 of his paintings.

Matti Kujasalo’s Sommitelma

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