It’s Raining Men – Croatia

So you’re single or married, you’re free or not, you might be looking and if you’re not, in Croatia at least, you’d be missing out on a whole lot of fun. Rugged, rustic, a little bit of style, eccentric and funny and always gentlemen, or as far as I know.

Take our crew for instance – Hrvoje (said with a guttural, Finnish ‘h’, rrrrr, vvvv, ooooo, yeah), stern, caring, dry of driest sense of humour; Bruno – impish with an irreverent twist; Damijen, the romantic, the guitarist whose constantly on the phone to his girlfriend; Zlatko the silent, with hidden talents of brilliant English vocabulary;  Each and every one of them a gentle man and gentleman who’ll carry your suitcase, help you out of the bus, do all those niceties that too many men under the age of 30 have either given up on or never learnt. Samobor

2013-09-07 08.28.05

Flaunting the rules, is tall, definitely dark, Davor Gobac of Psihomodo Pop who really doesn’t give a shit whether you like his music or not and all he knows is that he’s “in love with Gobac”.


His English might be somewhat lacking but his hospitality knows no bounds on his charter boat that takes us out on the Makarska Riviera. It’s Davor Beroš, owner of Alto Krvavica charter company and tour guide Jure Brkan. Bring on the salty seadog look with hair flowing and deep-voiced baritones to plunge you into mirth and folly. Makarska Riviera

“The only truth is nature and love!” comes from the mouth of Steve, Stipe in Croatian, born and bred in Australia and back in his home country since the age of 10. ADHD might be an appropriate description of his character but I think it’s his sheer enthusiasm and positivism that get you excited about the ruins of Nečvengrad of  the Nepelicki family  where you can see the tower of  the Šubić family across Krka River canyon. He’s a guide and a park ranger at the Krka National Park where the waterfalls cascade like bridal gowns in amongst the green that surrounds them. His reference to castles and waterfalls as ‘she’ is enough to melt your heart. “They’re just so beautiful,” he exclaims. Krka National Park

2013-09-18 10.51.33

At Johnny’s Place in Šibenik you might bump into Nino, guitarist extraordinaire, whose laid back easiniess comes with a smile that you can almost drink. Dive into the deep with Emil Lemac, owner of Mediteraneo Diving Center, a handsome brute with a way of getting his arm around you and offering you a sip of rakije from an angle you didn’t expect. His right hand man is Orgjen Tošić (Ogi to the uninitiated) with his blue eyes, slender body, a passion for island life and patience with beginner divers like me. Johnny’s Place

2013-09-17 13.42.09

And then there is Ante from the Knin tourist office whose our guide at the fabulous Fortress of Knin. He stands tall amongst the ruins and has the vigour to match his love for this place and its people. Or gorgeous Damijen at Sinj whose sense of humour extended beyond the realm of holiness expounding on the importance of the Assumption and the reverence with which the Virgin is worshipped without losing touch with the sacred. Knin

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To mention only a few………. They’re not pushy, they’re not overly bold, just relaxed enough in their own skin to prick your interest and perchance light your fire? Ladies, let me introduce you to Croatian men.