Going Greek – street food in Kallio

“The only Greek thing about this place are the ingredients that we use,” says Tommi Ripatti, owner and chef of this small, atmospheric restaurant opposite the big ice rink called Brahen Kenttä.

Sink your teeth into the first bite and you know you’re dealing with a real gyro here, Greek chef or not! Pita straight from the mother country, mint, crunchy radish, tasty tomato and luscious lamb all brought together with harissa mayonnaise. There’s Retsina for those who like it and there’s also a nice little red which goes really nicely with that sandwich, served in enamel cups. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s not meant to be. If you’re carbo-phobic, you can have all that in a bowl – take your pick of lamb, pork, chicken or Portobello mushrooms.

Fun and friendly and no compromising on taste. Definitely a 5/5.