Estoria, an Estonian Story – Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia

Estoria is about stories, Estoria is about Estonia, Estoria is about culture. Klaus Ek, hotel manager is especially delighted now that it has made it to the World Luxury Hotel list. Solo Sokos Hotels have got this right! A new wing of the Viru Hotel in the heart of Tallinn, opened its doors on 21 April 2014.

Every room tells its own tale. I felt right at home in mine since it talked about the people of Setomaa who live in the southeast corner of Estonia. A little crazy are their practices of crowning a King of the earth who gathers around him his ‘troops’ and followers. Once you’ve located it on the colourful map, you see all kinds of fascinating details not only in that area but also the rest of Estonia suggesting that tourism doesn’t begin and end in Tallinn. There’s a whole new world to be discovered outside of the city.
 Colour strikes you first when you walk into the room. No dull whites for this hotel. Peep Ehasalu, proud erstwhile Communications Manager, explained why:
“Why do hotels choose white? Simple. It’s much cheaper to wash and bleach white sheets. We’ve chosen to pay a little more for our laundry and brighten up our guests’ experience.”
The details are numerous, humorous and thought provoking.
“Life is like a mirror – you get the best results when you smile at it.”
 Read the writing on the desk top and you find out that Skype was invented in Estonia, amongst other things.
All the products in the minibar are Estonian and every room has a Cupsolo machine for making a decent cup of coffee.
 And that’s not the end of the story. Every floor has a lounge area where you can entertain your guests or have a business meeting. The ‘library’ provides story books as well as good culture and history reads in various languages.
 The breakfast is special too. Service comes with a smile from a waitress who keeps on topping up your tea or coffee cup. Choices include organic porridge, local dried sausage, crispy bacon, fresh croissants to name but a few.
On your way out, the receptionist smiles broadly and asks whether you enjoyed your stay?
You would be pressed to say anything other than “How could I not have?”