Kosmos Restaurant

THE PLACE 8/10: A grande old dame in the centre of Helsinki, this place has seen many a politician, artist and journalist. The Art Deco interior has embossed wooden booths and chandeliers.

THE FOOD 7/10: Traditional Finnish/Russian. If you’re into offal, the sweetbreads are crispy and juicy and lamb kidneys are a favourite too. The usual fried Baltic herrings and Wiener Schnitzel also make their appearrance.

THE DRINKS 6/10: Dull wine menu, nothing really special. They promote the Finnish producer in France Chateau Carsin which is ok but lacking in imagination.

THE SERVICE (7/10): The serving staff have had years of experience and it shows. Could be more personalised but that would be so un-Finnish.

THE AMBIENCE (8/10): Even though it’s had several face-lifts, it still retains its former elegance and atmosphere.

THE PRICE (7/10): Above €50/head – expect no less than €60 for 2 courses and a couple of glasses of wine.

OVERALL RATING (7/10): A must for tourists.

Veal and sweetbreads at Kosmos

Link: Kosmos Restaurant, Kalevankatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

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