Blushing with Blossa

As a wine drinker, I blush to admit that I do like a tipple or two of that sweet, Christmas drink in Finland called glögi. Before everybody shouts me down, I’m fussy and cannot include those cloying excuses of berry juice with alcohol added that stick to your gums and spoil the rest of your wine-drinking evening.

Glögi parties are huge in December and you’re bound to get invited to more than one during this festive season. Be prepared! Welcoming you to the party is a glass of hot, sweet juice with a spike of vodka added, some raisins and almonds thrown in and off you go. One is usually quite enough for me. But there are some that will change your perception forever. Once you taste them, there’s no going back really. You’re Christmas craving will always remind you of that one.


It’ll take only one sip of Blossa 16 to convince you. It’s green, minty, full of pine cones and ginger. Chirstmas in a mouthful. Whether it’s the first or the last drink of the night, it’s going to bring Santa straight down the chimney. They’re never going to give away the secret but here’s a hint: white wine base and crowberry…. Yes, crowberry, and according to Wikipedia, “a small genus of dwarf evergreen shrub that bears edible fruit.” And full-flavoured to boot. (Alko price €13,99)

And just when you think you’ve had enough, Blossa 1895 hits you with a port wine base and herbs and structure to such an extent that all that’s lacking is the classical blue cheese to round it off. What bliss would that be! (Alko price €14,99)

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