Jeff Carrel and Les Darons 2013

First time I came across this wine, I was excited. The retro label is distinctly different from classic French labels, it comes from Languedoc one of my favourite regions for red blends and then the name Jeff Carrel. In his own words, this ‘eclectic’ winemaker produces some exciting products not least of which is Les Darons.


The slang word for papa or father, Les Darons shows the true backbone and character of the vines which have dug deep to find water for a very long time and produced their harvest in small quantities. Grenache (60%), Carignan (25%) and Syrah (the rest) grown in the high, dry area of Laure-Minervois, have particularly low yields as in 35hl/ha in this region with a limit of 50. Aged in concrete tanks only, the wine has had no sulphites added, a rare find indeed when no SO2 has gone into the process since its anti-oxidant properties tend to preserve wines a lot longer.

On a cold winter’s night there is nothing quite so warming as sipping on this red and dark fruit combination with exciting sub structures like spice, minerality and a good dollop of garrigue, the Mediterranean dried herb flavour. The finish grips you and keeps you coming back for more. We are dealing with a winemaker who excels and has created a wine that has to be a favourite on your Christmas dining table.

Country: France /Languedoc

Producer: Jeff Carrel

Grape: 60 % Grenache, 25 % Carignan, 15 % Syrah

VOL.: 14.0%

Available: Finland –

Estonia – Veinidkoju, Lootsi 14, Tallinn

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